The Future of Farming, Rotary Farming and Vertical Farming – Omega Gardens

The Omega Garden Team is dedicated in designing hydroponics systems to meet the demands of the world today. With dozens of international patents, Omega Garden growing units are changing the way we get our food.

The gardens from Omega Garden™ are revolutionary rotary hydroponic systems designed with convenience, simplicity, and maximum yield in mind. From the hobby gardener to the professional grower, all will find an Omega Garden™ to suit their needs.

Increase growing space
grow in the circle with a design that greatly increases your square foot growing area. The Volksgarden® unit, for example, can grow up to 80 plants in just 8 sq.ft. of floor space.

Maximize light capture
the same cylindrical design captures almost all of the lumens emitted by your light source, ultimately saving money and minimizing your time to harvest.

Optimize water and feeding
the cylinder rotates slowly through the feeding trough allowing plant medium to absorb only the water and nutrients needed. This results in strong, healthy, and pure growth.

Produce high yield plants
effect on plants being constantly rotated, 360 degrees is known as orbitropism. This effect combined with gravity’s influence on plants, compresses the plant, producing more internodes, or flowering sites with shorter and stronger growth. You get more harvest per plant!

Omega Garden hydroponics are simply the most durable, efficient, and user friendly gardens ever created
The Omega Garden™ Farmdominium/Vertical Farming is our answer to commercial and industrial-scale urban agriculture. Each horizontal carousel carries 36 Volksgarden™ modules.
Each Volksgarden module has approximately 20 foot square surface growing area.

Rotary motion effect on plants shows an increase in growth rates of up to a factor of five observed.

Horizontal carousel frame conforms to intermodal shipping container specs for easy shipping, and stacking.

The Farmdominium TM (like condominium but without the con ;) is designed to be a fully automated system. Each rotating garden is a module that can be removed from the carousel if required. In turn each containerized carousel is a movable module in the larger system.

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